TAF - Twin Fan Range

High quality, energy efficient twin fan units

Twin Fan Units

TAF - A range of high quality, energy efficient twin fan units delivering airflows from 0.1 m³/s to 20 m³/s. 

Highly competitive, these units are available for internal and external mounting and are offered with a full range of controls. 



Energy Saving
With the use of highly efficient backward curved impellors & EC motors instead of traditional and less efficient AC motors.

User Friendly Maintenance
Inspection from top or bottom allows easy access to all components

Simple & Smart Control
Maximise the energy saving capacity of the range. User friendly “plug & play” solutions from simple manual fan speed control to PIR operated trickle / boost. Given the advance speed control characteristics of EC motors, more complex Demand Ventilation control systems are possible

Easy Installation
All models are supplied in one piece, ready for installation with multi-position mounting brackets

Acoustic Performance
All units are single skinned & foam lined as standard


Twin fan extract units. 6 models range from 0.01m3/s – 4.0m3/s

Versions Available
•             Internal
•             Weatherproof
•             Controls fitted or separate

•             Cowl for external units
•             Silencers
•             AV mounts / flexible connections            

EC Fans
Backward curved, single inlet, high efficiency impellors, direct driven by variable speed EC motor. All impellors are statically & dynamically balanced, supplied as standard with pre-greased, sealed for life maintenance-free ball bearings. Fan / motor assemblies can be quickly and easily withdrawn when necessary.


Speed Control
•             Fascia mounted potentiometer
•             Optional remote speed controller
•             Internal min / max adjustment  

Contacts for remote enable, fan fault & fire alarm interlock        

Duty Time
1 – 10 hours in Auto mode

Trickle / boost operation is possible with optional PIR, with adjustable run-on

For more details contact our sales department, sales@airforcevp.com or on +44 (0)1264 358101


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